How to Dress and Look Gorgeous | Tips for Women Over 60

We are sure that many 60-year-old women think that they can not dress with style, but they are totally wrong. In the market there is a variety of garments, which are not only made for young women, although it seems that way. It’s not about what you see as a girl of 20 or 30, it’s about you recognizing what your style is and adapting the clothes you have in your closet or buying some that suit what you really want.

The 60 is the age where you still do not want to lose the elegance, much less the style, so we give you some options so you always look ‘chic’. Here are the tips you can follow to look great in your 60’s.

If you have not tried to wear a masculine look yet, the moment is now

If your figure is thin the ideal is that you wear a structured blazer up to the hip, thick fabric and special details in the pockets to give a little volume to your figure. If you no longer like to show your legs, we advise you to use capri pants in cloth or drill, this will make your stature accentuate and your look will look totally harmonious. Do not be afraid of color or prints, leave aside that at your age you should use a neutral palette or earth, because the colors will always be valid at any age.

For women of 60 with a slightly wider figure, ideally they should wear a blazer up to the hip and of a straight structure, so that there is a balance between hips and torso. As for the color, it is recommended that you use it in dark color so that the garment generates an optical illusion and looks a little thinner. The trousers should definitely be of straight boot and high shot, this will help that the chubby you can get to have hidden. As for the blouse do not use a tight or ruffled, put on a white shirt or light blue shirt with front buttons.

For a slightly more casual dinner, jeans are the perfect garment

Use high and skinny shooting if you are thin, and if you are thick build those of straight boot will be perfect. As for the upper garments a shirt or white shirt a little loose, with a sack a little below the hip in pastel colors or wine, will combine perfect. The shoes try not to wear them so high, stilettos of 5cm in height or black booties or the same color of the bag, they will make you look very sophisticated.

Be a little adventurous, just pay attention to the choice of colors

And if you decide to take a risk and see yourself a little sexier, a robe-like dress in neutral colors or earth that reaches you a little above the knee, is the perfect one for thin women. Use it with a golden belt, silver or honey to give a little more detail to your style. And for the most slender women, a skirt or dress in straight cut, with a blouse in pastel or white silk will look great for this occasion.

Now, to keep looking sexy and beautiful at 60!


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