10 Tips To Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Have you also been curious and looking forward to getting a capsule wardrobe? I have had this for several years, and really like the concept. I no longer need to be changing clothes every quarter in accordance with the rules of the seasons, I now change every six months.

Below you will find 10 tips and thoughts for those who are curious about the concept.


Tip # 1 – The choice

Do not pick out the garments for your capsule wardrobe by removing garments from the wardrobe. Instead, take out all the garments from the wardrobes and bureaus, and choose whoever deserves to get back into your capsule wardrobe list.

Tip #2 – Separate

Only wear the garments that are included in your capsule wardrobe  and / or in the assigned drawers. Place other items in a storage box, other wardrobe or other office box. Out of sight, out of mind. There is nothing positive about seeing garments you are not allowed to use.

Tip #3 – Colors organization

When you have fewer items to choose from and match with, it becomes more important to think about what colors and patterns you have in your wardrobe.

Do not despair; keep in mind that garments that are not in the closet now can fit better in the next capsule set.

Tip # 4 – The entirety

Probably, you will need significantly more tops than lower parts in your capsule wardrobe because you can wear skirts and pants without washing after each use, while the upper parts usually need to be replaced and washed more often.

Spend some time and think about it and look at the whole picture when choosing the number of skirts vs tops.

Tip # 5 – Dresses

A great classic dress makes a very good garment in a capsule wardrobe because it only represents a device but covers both the lower and lower part. A dress is also a complete garment that can handle itself without any additional garments to match.

Tip # 6 – Shoes

You can get by with only one pair of shoes per occasion, I promise. Consider whether during this particular period you really need to have a pair of party shoes, rubber boots or sneakers for example.

Tip # 7 – Estimate

Estimate the garments you have in your closet and do not focus on missing garments. The wardrobe will never be perfect, and you should not strive for it either. When it’s time to change garments, some garments you have not used for a long time will feel like new again. 🙂

Tip #8 – Choose Your Favorites

You will probably discover that even if you think you have selected only your capsule wardrobe favorites, you have favorites among the favorites.

Garments that are used over and over again. That probably says something about you and your style, and which clothes you feel most comfortable with.

Tip # 9 – Patience

Little by little is the key here. If you try to do everything at the same time and just aim for perfection right off the bat, it’s easy to fail. Creating a working capsule wardrobe is an ongoing process and during each period you will learn a little more about what works for you.

Tip # 10 – Trust the Process

Keep calm, there might be days when you do your laundry and discover that you don’t have anything to wear. Don’t panic! Just be calm and plan a little better next week. Maybe you wear the same outfit twice a week… Who cares? Nobody will notice that you have the same clothes today as Thursday. Even if you feel that you wear the same clothes more often.

Have you tested the capsule wardrobe? If you have any further tips about the concept, please share it in the comment field!

And now you were crazy and curious about how to clean a capsule wardrobe, so you can read more and get a step-by-step guide in the post “Minimalist wardrobe with capsule wardrobe”. Good luck! 🙂

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