Suspender Clips

Suspender clips are typically used to hold braces fixed to trousers. Although according to traditional ways of wearing suspenders, clips are not considered to be a correct way to use them. Buttons used with leather tabs at the end of the braces are considered the correct way of wearing suspenders.

When using the term suspenders you first must recognize the differences between the term used in the United States and the term used on the British English. In England, the term suspenders are used to refer a belt used to hold up sexy stockings. To the contrary, in the United States, the term is used to refer the fabric or leather straps used over the shoulders to hold up pants. These are also known in the British English as braces.


The use of high end suspenders is considered to be a fashion trend for the upper or upper-middle class in the UK and also known in the United States to be a “white collar” fashion. As stated earlier, high quality suspenders are supposed to be attached to trouser only with buttons and the use of suspender clips is not recommended.

Pants made to be used with suspenders are made especially for this with buttons in the front for attaching the tabs. In some cases, buttons are placed on the outside which is the traditional way of using them, or in the inside of the waistband, not having belt loops.
Nowadays the trouser designs have changed and holding it up doesn’t represent any problems. Instead, now the problem is how to keep the shirt inside the pants and for that, there have been created accessories like stay shirts and belts made to be worn inside trousers.

Suspenders were considered a men’s fashion but these days they are also worn by women and presented in women fashion shows all over the world. Read here my complete article about suspenders for women.

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