Best Sunglasses for Face Shape: 10 Tips on Choosing Sunglasses

You cannot just walk into a store and take the first pair of sunglasses that you find. Sunglasses are part of your overall appearance and they must be chosen with care. They must be well suited to the shape of your face and your hair color, so read these ten tips on choosing the best sunglasses for you.

Find out your face shape?

Our first tip about choosing sunglasses that is perfect for your face is to know your face shape. Look in a mirror and pull your hair back and measure where your face is thinner and where it is wider, and this will enable you to choose your face shape from round, square, heart, oval or diamond shaped.

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A general rule for choosing sunglasses frames

Another tip on how to choose sunglasses: As a general rule, when you’ve decided the shape of your face, you should buy glasses that are the opposite shape to the one in your face. For a rounded face, you should buy angular frames, for example.


Sunglasses for beautiful girls with a round facial shape

For the more rounded face, sunglasses with angles like rectangles or squares will work best. The sharp angles in the glasses will help balance your features and add definition to your face.

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Beautiful women’s sunglasses with a square shaped surface

If you have strong square features, then try sunglasses with round or oval frames. The curves of the frames will soften angles of the face. You have the choice of small rounded sunglasses or oversized circular glasses of the seventies; Both will look as well on you.

Sunglasses for amazing women with a heart-shaped face

If you have the classic heart-shaped face, then your face narrows off at the jaw line. To balance the functions between your forehead and the jaw line choose sunglasses with frames heavier on the bottom than the top and this will create more width to the lower part of the face.

Sunglasses for beautiful girls with an oval face

For a rather symmetrical or oval face, pretty much all types of structures look good; Just be careful about choosing sunglasses that are too narrow for the face, they should be at least as wide as the widest place in the face.

Happy women’s sunglasses with diamond-shaped surfaces

Like oval faces, if you have more of a diamond-shaped face, then you’re lucky, because most style glasses look good on you. Choose frames that are not wider than your cheekbones and try out eyeglasses with curved frames; They work well with a diamond-shaped face.

How to choose the best frame color?

Once you’ve reduced the frame shape, it’s time to think about the frame color. The easiest way to choose the perfect color is to choose frames that are colors that complement your eye color, according to the color wheel. There are no hard and fast color rules, but you must also consider your skin color, the color of your clothes and, of course, the image you want to portray.

Remember sun protection

Do not forget that sunglasses are not just fashion accessories; They are also there to protect your eyes. And think about how they will look, buy quality sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays from the sun. The skin around the eyes is sensitive to, so good protection from sunglasses will help prevent eye damage and premature aging of the skin as well.

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When you buy sunglasses, you should also find lenses like polarized lenses. Polarized lenses will reduce glare from water, snow and glass and these types of sunglasses are important if you are going to drive in the sun.

Do you have any other tips on choosing sunglasses? Feel free to share your recommendations and advice in the comment below.

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