Suspenders For Women

Suspenders for women were hot 20 years ago but they still are hot these days. We have seen fashion shows in Europe parading women’s suspenders since 2006. But controversy is a constant when talking about suspenders for women. There are people that love them and some that hate them. In my opinion it depends on how you wear them to make them look cool and modern.

Men have been using suspenders constantly from many decades, but most recently women have adopted that style for good. Wearing suspenders with your black slacks can make them more sophisticated. Wear them with a pair of jeans and a tee and you will give a funky twist to your style.

Most recently, Lady Gaga have worn them on a black sequined and spiked style with a white shirt and a black tie at the Larry King show where he wore his usual suspenders. I really think they looked better on Lady Gaga and I even don’t always like her wacky fashion style. In the past we have also seen other famous women wearing them like Fergie, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan.

The trick with these accessories is that you must know how to wear them. Make a mistake and you won’t look very stylish. But using them in a proper manner will project a radiant groovy aura. The best time to wear them is when you combine them with a casual outfit. A plain tee, tanks or shirts are the best to combine with.

Elastic suspenders for women

Elastic suspenders are the basic choice if you are looking to buy this accessory. They are made of good quality and give you the most value for your money. They measure 42” long and 1” wide and you can attach them to your pants with the finger clips. Finger clips open really easy and they don’t harm your clothes. There a lot of color to choose from and the price will vary depending on your choice.

They can be worn by anyone from a 6 year old girl to someone up to 6 feet tall. Here’s a link where you can buy them from

Skirts with attached suspenders

Suspenders can also come attached to the clothes directly instead of being a separate accessory. I love this skirt as it gives a look to wear at any occasion.

This sexy pencil skirt with suspenders has been designed with a seductive and classic style in mind. Looks like a Hollywood style that can be used at a party or a business reunion and will make you look elegant everywhere you go. Made from the best fabrics will fit you well featuring a high waistline defining your natural cleavage. This skirt must be the next inclusion for your closet.

Tripp Green Suspender Strap Mini skirt

Here’s another pick that I think you should add to your suspender collection. It’s a very nice mini skirt on a precious green color. Its price is not expensive as it retails for $32 at Amazon. It’s 12” long which will show your legs to the public for them to go crazy. Made with 97% cotton and 3% spandex will make your friends go nuts when they see you on this cute green mini skirt.

Finally, my best pick here are these precious pair of pants with suspenders attached to it. I like these pants a lot. They can be used anywhere and you will find it comfortable.

This is a Columbia suspender pant for women made with a waterproof material that allows breathability that not only will keep you dry but also will be very comfortable. It has a removable suspender system that will allow mobility in any direction.


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