10 Timeless & Classy Accessories You Should Add to Your Wardrobe

Fashions come and courage goes, but there are some fashion accessories that have been through the times so far and will continue to do so for many years to come yet. These are the timeless classics that you will also have use for, so read and find out what the top 10 accessories are that each girl should have in her wardrobe.

A pearl necklace

For a classic touch of style that will never look outdated, you can not go far wrong than a simple bead. They add a beautiful dot to any evening outfit and they are the kind that can be passed on through the generations as well.

A ring that makes a statement

Each girl should have at least one ring that stands out a bit. A statement ring can add a touch of glamor to each outfit and they come in all shapes and sizes. Invest in a statement ring and it is an accessory that you will hold for many years to come.

A large, floppy hat

Perfect for summer months, a large floppy hat made of light weight, neutral color, material, looks great with all your summer clothes. It will also protect you from the sun, so it’s practical too.

A pair of simple studs earrings

A pair of discreet studs look good with formal wear or clothing. Larger earrings are large, but the small streak of a spark like a pair of gold, diamond or pearl rivets contributes to an outfit will work for all occasions.

Colorful scarfs

A light colored scarf can suddenly turn a basic clothing into something extra special. Keep a selection of scarfs in your wardrobe and then you can look stylish with just a regular white top and jeans to look elegant and simply stunning.

A pair of black leather gloves

It is strange how such a basic object can look so chic, but a simple pair of black leather gloves always does. What else is the current autumn and winter trends demand will always look good with black gloves.

A big handbag

Everyone needs a big bag to carry their tablet, phone, makeup and anything else a girl needs. Not only is an oversized bag practical, it goes with something and it also helps your waist and arms look slimmer as well.

A collection of belts

A belt can add a bit of personality to an outfit, also accentuates your waist and your curves. Do not underestimate what a belt can do for you and have at least one thin one and a wide one in your collection of timeless accessories.

Closed toe black pumps

A pair of good high heels, closed toe, pumps are a must for every girl’s wardrobe. Whether worn with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress, they always add a little glamor to each outfit.


Bracelets are not expensive at all, so invest in a good collection. This way you can carry them individually or mix and match and stack them together. There are so many different types of bracelets, why be content with just one!

What are your favorite timeless fashion accessories?

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