16 Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Slimmer

If you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass shape then thank your lucky star! You have what many consider the perfect body shape: a defined waist and the upper and lower parts of the body in line with each other. But if you have not received the hourglass, there are lots of things you can do to create the perfect silhouette.

What’s more, you’re far from alone, because many of the world’s most beautiful women also come in different shapes and sizes as well, but many ladies ask this question: “How to look skinny or how to look smarter?” Here are some fashion tips that some of these famous women use to improve their shape:


Accentuate the waist

Something that fits tightly around the thinnest part of the waist will draw more attention to this part of the body. Adding a belt to an outfit will bring out the best in your own natural form.

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Try off-the-shoulder dresses and tops, these make the shoulders look a little wider, which in turn helps to balance the hips and make your waist look thinner, so your figure will look more proportional.

Use black

One of the simplest fashion tips on looking skinny is – wear black. This is why the little black dress is so popular – wearing black color makes you look smarter. This is a proven and well-known fact!

Wear belts

Belts look good in so many different ways, but they also clinch into the waist, helping the upper body appear slimmer while concealing the bulge around the stomach as well.

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Avoid Using Just One Color, from Top to Toe

Restricting to just a color, from top to toe, has a purge effect on your shape.  The marking of different parts of the body should carry different colors. Different colors only accentuate the differences in size between the top, middle and bottom.

Go vertically

If you choose to wear stripes, go for vertical ones and not horizontal. When wearing clothes with vertical stripes, you create an illusion of narrower looking the future, because the eye goes upside down and not side to side.

Avoid excessive prints

Another easy way of hinting how to look narrow is to avoid wearing large print prints. Put on small, tight graphics instead, which helps to draw attention away from the problem areas, while large bold printouts make you look bigger all around.

Big pants … Big shoes …? No! Black pants – black shoes

If you wear black, already make you look a bit narrower than you obviously are, but try to put black shoes on your black pants, it will make your legs look longer! You can also wear other colors of pants and shoes of course, but if your goal is to narrow your silhouette, make sure your shoes and pants have matching color.

Buy some new underwear

Getting a little personal for a moment, but many people underestimate the difference that new, well-fitting lingerie can improve their overall body shape. A brace that is too hard will cause bulges in all the wrong places, as well as tight panties.

Show off the arms

A mistake many women make is that they forget their weapons. Of course, if your arms are a bit smaller than your best feature, do not pay attention to it with your choice of sleeves. Wavy and full sleeves are the most flattering, while short sleeves on the larger arm are the worst.

Streamline your curves with tight but well-fitting jeans

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When choosing jeans, a widened or wide cut is always the best. Faded jeans flatter any shape, but they are especially useful for balancing out the curves of the body.

Bulky sleeves

When wearing dresses or tops with large, bulky sleeves, it will make your waist look smaller and balance your hips, so try it!

Extend your legs with bare (or nude-shaded) shoes

Choosing shoes in a meat tone gives an illusion that the legs are longer than they really are. The hourglass shape is about proportions, the longer you make yourself, the sooner your curves are displayed.

Elegant shoes

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When choosing your shoes, not only shoe color questions, so do the shape. Choose shoes with a thin heel and pointed toe, these tend to add graceful elegance to your silhouette and make you look narrower, while massive square toe and stumpy heel will make your legs look bulky.

V-necked tops or long necklaces

Here are another way tips on looking lean: both V-necked or long necklaces give an illusion of narrower and longer looking figure, so try it out, it’s easy, but makes a real difference!

Large bag

If you carry a small handbag, it can make your look big in comparison, therefore try to go for a larger bag version. Did you see pictures of Victoria Beckham walking the streets of London with humongous wallets? Well, it’s not because she likes to carry all her stuff with herself everywhere and all the time, it’s a nice trick – big bag makes you look narrower and less in comparison.

Like so many things in fashion, hourglass silhouette is the idyllic form dreamed by the advertising industry and not a reflection of real women. Making the most of the shape you have is not difficult, and with a few simple steps like those we’ve listed you can highlight your assets and draw attention away from other areas. Just take a closer look at the likes of Kate Winslet, Halle Berry or Megan Fox; they are not hourglass either.

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