10 Timeless Fashion Essentials Every Classy Woman Must Own

While fashion weeks can lead to new and exciting trends, it may be hard to hang out sometimes, so we thought we would have a look at some of the timeless classics that will make you look amazing year after year. These are the items worth investing in, because they will always watch fashion and they can be paired with so many other things. These are the ten timeless fashion classics that every elegant woman should own.


  1. White button up shirts

A good quality white button up shirt will see you through an employment interview as well as it will work for a dinner day and a white shirt can be paired with just about anything. This is one of the items in our list that will really be worth spending a little bit more on, because the more expensive button up shirts stay fit and it will stay looking sharp and white much longer.


  1. Ballet flats

In total contrast to the white button up shirts, ballet flats are a garment that you do not have to spend a lot of money on, as even the most expensive ones will probably have to replace after a year or two. In fact, if you buy cheaper brands of ballet flats, you can have a whole collection of different colors and styles and you have something comfortable and stylish to wear any day you want.


  1. Little black dress

Classical All Classics; The little black dress is an absolute must for any style-conscious girl. To make an LBD you can wear somewhere, which is exactly what an LBD is supposed to be, choose a dress that does not show too much cleavage and not too short. That way you get a smart dress that you can wear on a jacket, and as an elegant dress you can wear your heels on a night out.


  1. A pair of quality blue jeans

The nice jeans are now made in so many different styles that you can always find a style that will flatter your body shape. Dark jeans are usually more dieting, but actually go for jeans that make you feel good and you have a friend in your wardrobe for all sorts of occasions.


  1. A collection of lightweight scarves

Light scarves can be used for so many different things as you should have a good collection of all types of shapes and sizes in your wardrobe. You can tie a scarf to your hair, you can wear it like a belt, tie it around the handle on the bag and much, much more. When wearing a scarf around your neck, you can twist the first, wear it loose, or pin it with your favorite brooch. Scarves are also a great way to add a splash of color to an otherwise pretty ordinary outfit.


  1. A pair of black pumps

Black pumps are so practical and they look so classy as well. If you choose an elegant pair of back black pumps, they will look dressed enough to wear a special evening out and they will work well as a way to dress a casual look without looking at their place. One thing to always think of when buying some shoes is to make sure they are good from day one. While people say the shoes will “carry on”, they almost never do the right way.


  1. A classic trench coat

Trenchcoat is not everyone’s favorite, but it can not be denied that they look elegant. A good trench coat will last for years and it will go with your classic blue jeans or your little black dress. For the best look, go to a trench coat that ends just above your knees and loosely loosely around your shoulders and sleeves so that you can store it underneath. Invest in a trenchcoat and you never have to have boring winter wear again.


  1. A black jacket

A black jacket is one of the customizable pieces that will handle virtually anything and you can change the look completely through accessorising. It’s well worth taking your time to choose a black jacket and make sure you get a well-equipped one. You do not have to spend crazy money to get a good jacket, but the better the cut; The more amazing it will look.


  1. Brown knee high boots

For an elegant casual look, you can not beat a pair of knee high, driving style boots. Wear them with slim jeans, a single-colored dress or leggings; The choice is yours. If you want to use them for any length of time, go to boots that have no more than a two inch heel and then you will be able to wear them all day without feeling the pain.


  1. Cardigans

Cardigans are good for those times when you can not be completely sure what the weather will look like. You can wear them open or close and if it gets a bit too hot, you can throw them over the shoulder or tie them around your waist. They also come in a variety of styles and fabrics, so pick several and you will always have a good selection to choose from.


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